I began my therapeutic career as an Art therapist exploring the connection between creativity and psychotherapy. Since then I have received a Masters degree in clinical counseling and become a member of the BCACC. For over 10 years I have worked as a counsellor with the BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse providing therapy for survivors of trauma and support for their partners. My commitment to facilitating client optimal wellness has been further enhanced through my work at Family Services as an individual counsellor and member of the specialized VISAC team. I have continued to learn and expand my therapeutic toolbox with levels 1 and 2 of EMDR, and most recently studying Self Regulatory therapy with the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education.
I strongly believe in a holistic mind body connection and utilize cognition, emotion and body sensations to inform therapeutic direction. Incorporating the benefits of mindfulness, nature and physical activity has further energized my therapeutic practice, generating a sense of client vitality and possibility. It is my goal to facilitate a collaborative strength focused experience that encourages a better understanding of the self and others in the hopes of mobilizing a client’s capacity for transformation and resilience, balance and happiness.